Come Back…


Every morning I could spot you in the lane,
Down,through that window pane,
Head up,facing me,the way you ran on the street,
Tempted me to run down with extreme joviality to greet,
Your arrival wasn’t less than a celebration,
Which simply blew off all my frustration,
Flipping on the bed laughing,Tossing on the floor giggling,
Those priceless moments of you and me,
Inserted in me bliss and glee.

But one day,you didn’t arrive,
Without you it seemed as if I couldn’t survive,
Called you,contacted you,even reached your place,
But there, none other than a lock on the door I could trace,
All broken into pieces I sank into a chair nearby,
Now who would be with me,all the time,side by,

Since then you never came back to fix me again,
And never a friend like you I could gain,
All gone, leaving behind mind blogging thoughts in brain,
Just the tears and memories remain.


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