Just The Way You Look At It


I can’t grasp why people quite often grumble about ‘loneliness’.Who claimed that you are lonely?There is so much around.For instance,on the terrace I am, eulogising the shimmering  clouds over me,with an addictive cup of tea.Gradually,the clouds are fading by just in the direction I move,with trifling dimness approaching.Absolute quiteness.Not even a murmur hearable.Just my footsteps.Shivery breeze is whistling through the rustling dry leaves as if accompanying me.Oh hold on!I can sense some chilly raindrops tapping on my shoulder as if inviting me to dance and celebrate in the drizzle.The stars in the inky sky are gleaming in such a way as as if awakening me to go ahead and sparkle.With so much happening around,how can I feel lonely?Infact,how can you feel lonely?You aren’t alone.Its just the way you look at things,your perspective,nothing else.If you think you’re lonely,then certainly you are while if you don’t,you ain’t .Remember,its just the way you look at it.


6 thoughts on “Just The Way You Look At It

  1. Well yes I too can’t understand why people complain of loneliness and after reading your thoughts in this post. 🙂 Its important to learn to enjoy your own company and not depend on others.
    Nice post!

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