Why Do I Exist?


Why do I exist?

The alarm clock buzzes at 6:00 a.m. I mildly open my eyes, barely able to see anything due to the effulgent sunlight.But wait! This morning wasn’t typical.Within a few moments, a peculiar thought smacked my mind,it said,”Why do I exist?”
I grabbed a relaxing cup of coffee,sat in the sunlight and committed my mind to chase the answer for that whimsical thought.15 mins passed and I come up with this:
I just don’t exist, I live. I live to create a heaven on Earth.I live to ignore the ‘petty’things and appreciate the ‘pretty’ things.I live to make people’s life more blissful and less regretful.And I live to relish on this prodigious planet for I don’t have ample time to fritter away.”
With this,I kept the empty cup aside and engaged myself in getting ready for school.


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