His Words Killed Her


This 16 year-old girl,short and fair,in a sleek pony, blushed as her crush walked past her.Though he didn’t even take a slight glimpse of her,she had this belief that one fine day he would be all hers.
8 moths passed,and feelings still remain hidden inside this pretty girl’s heart.
Now it was 14 Feb, she decided to release those trapped feelings from her heart.The guy slided past her as usual,but this time,the girl stopped him.”Hey dear!“,said she waving a ‘hi’,approaching.Few quick moments passed,and everything had been uttered of her lips.The guy turned,brows tightened,gave her a fierce look.What could be more tragic? He slapped her!”How did you even think I would ever be yours? ” Considering it as the most unimportant thing,the guy walked past her without even caring how would the girl be feeling whom he just slapped,who couldn’t spend a day thinking about him,who wasted her 8 precious months imagining her future with him.But all in vain.If he didnt like her,couldn’t he just gently hold her hand and make her understand? Couldn’t he prevent her heart from breaking down this way? But nah,instead,he spoke those 5-6 words,petty for him, life changing for the girl.
Soon after she got slapped,she fell on her knees,all broken down,face red,eyes watered,smudging off her eye makeup,seeming all lost in her memories.All she could do now was to cry and weep endlessly.She was heartsick,heartbroken.

Next day, newspaper headlines,”16 Year-old Hangs Herself.’His words killed me’,Says The Suicide Note.”


26 thoughts on “His Words Killed Her

  1. Okay this did touch. My heart sank. U had me picturize this entire scenario in my head and it was too difficult to gulp it down. You are truely an illusionist, you play with words awefully well 😉

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  2. beautifully penned down the tragedy of those people who seriously love someone and then get rejected. It is indeed the bitter reality which frightens people to propose their crushes. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I wonder if you could make another story like this but with a different ending. I mean where the girl doesn’t suicide….. something inspirational ending…….perhaps your story may benefit mankind. 😉

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