Two Awards! Yay!

1-The Versatile Blogger Award


Okay! So folks, this is first award I am nominated for within a short span of my journey here. I am nominated by this amazing and beautiful writer Shambhavi ( ). I’m quite sure you people might already be knowing that she is an awefully amazing writer. Whenever you feel like low, you can anytime switch to reading her blogs. Thank you Shambhavi for nominating me.You have always been an inspiration for me at bad times. People be sure to check her blogs out.

Okay, so here are the 7 facts about me-
1. I’m the laziest person alive I guess. Like if there’s an empty glass and a bottle full of water kept in front of me, I would definitely call my brother or my mother from another room to pour water into my glass. XD Trust me.
2.I hate studies.I’m that kind of student who wishes to get good marks but doesn’t want to study. I’m a good student though. I somehow manage. 🙂
3. I love music. Its like the world for me.
4. I’m a total Bollywood kinda person. I would start drama at the middle of the night. I swear. XD
5.Pizzas are lifeline. I would have died if they didn’t exist.
6.Whenever my brother doesn’t listen to me, I do that emotional drama, cry and all bhavuk shit. :’)
Ultimately he has to agree.
7. Trust me, I love street food like hell man! I would die for it. 😂

Rules for this award are-
1-Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.That’s me!
2-Disclose 7 facts about you.
3-Further nominate 15 bloggers.
(P.S.- I have nominated the bloggers for both the awards together at the bottom.)

2-The Creative Blogger Award


Okay, so I’m nominated for this award by Shubhada( .
Thank you so much Shubhada for this. As I said before, I feel great that you feel I’m worth it. You are such an amazing and talented writer. Some of your posts have got the humour they needed.People, you might already be knowing her,but check out her inspirational posts. They are so perfectly written. Thank you Shubhada.

5 Facts About Me-
1- I’m basically from Uttrakhand, but I’ve never lived there. I’ve lived in Rajasthan, Jharkhand, and Maharashtra.
2- I know Hindi,English, Bihari, Marwari, Haryanvi,Marathi, Bangoli( little bit), and South-India accent. But trust me I don’t know the language of my native place, Uttrakhand, i.e., Kumaoni.
*Ashamed* *Embarrassed*
3- I am full of sense of humour.My friends find me as the funniest creature alive. Hahha, that’s so emotional. :”)
4- I get emotional at the silliest things. Like one day our milkman’s cow didn’t provide us with milk, so I left everything and went to that cow, patted her back, dropped a few tears, and consolidated her,’Kuch nhi hota behen, mai tumhara dard samajh skti hun.’ XD

5- I don’t believe in ghosts. Never. Neither life after death. People scare me by telling horror stories at midnight. All I do is laugh throughout. 😛 I haven’t got scared by watching any of those scary movies. Not even Ring or Incedious, nor Annabelle. Gosh Annabelle was shitty childish though.

Okay, so the rules are-
1- Further nominate 15 bloggers and notify them.
2- Post the link of the blogger who nominated you.
3-Share 5 random facts about you.

So people I find the following blogger inspirational, creative as well as versatile. So I thought of nominating all of them together rather than separately. ( Dude I told you I’m lazy)
Do check their posts out-
P.S. Its not compulsory to do both of them or even one. Its your wish if you do one, both or none. XD
Hahha ,okay so enough said.
Bye lovely people! :’)
*Emotional Drama*


32 thoughts on “Two Awards! Yay!

  1. Hi there,
    Your blogs are really amazing!
    And literally we both are twinning on something…and that is …that i too am the laaazzziiiieesstt person on earth…no one the whole universe…
    If my pen falls down on the ground,I dont like picking it up myself…I too call someone to do that….
    But this is bad…we should do our own stuffs…!
    But cant help…I am still learning to!
    Much love,

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi,
        Nice to talk to u girl!
        Actually my name is Sayantika…I told you that i am lazy so i just shortened this immensely long name of mine to syntka…
        The pronunciation is similar btw!
        I am from Assam (Guwahati)….
        Where are you from?


      2. Science…Now i am going for medical!
        If you enjoy science,then you should go for it…It is very fascinating!
        But to get good marks you have to be devoted…Because…I dont wanna scare u..but it is tough…
        But i am sure you can do it!:)


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