Why Introvert?


So, everyday people ask me, why am I so quiet. Why don’t I speak much?

Okay, the reason is this.2ys before I was a person who couldn’t resist speaking too much. Who would laugh aloud all the way. Who wouldn’t mind speaking anything about anyone.They said a word,I’d build up a sentence. I used to speak a lot.

But then,something happened which closed the doors of happiness, and made a way for the dark,lonely and quite room.I met him. We loved each other. Happy days were on.But one day, my feelings were played with. They were tickled,disturbed, hurt. He didn’t care,but I did. He didn’t turn back, but I kept staring. He didn’t pick me up, but I continued to weep on the floor. He didn’t say ‘sorry’. But I forgave him. He was happy , but I wasn’t .He spoke to me. But I didn’t. He asked,’What happened? Say something?’ I didn’t utter a word.

2yrs have passed.

It was that day, and today. I don’t speak. I don’t. ‘Cause my feelings don’t want to be played with. My heart doesn’t want to pump sorrow.My blood demands to carry euphoria, not grief.

Well, its my personal choice. You may agree or not may be. πŸ™‚

Stay happy:)


7 thoughts on “Why Introvert?

  1. I understand this and I was at this point sometime in my life too, so when I say I understand this, you should know I know and have experienced how it feels but….

    I have found out that ‘people don’t hurt us, we hurt ourselves’. how?
    We hurt ourselves through expectations not knowing that humans are not reliable, they are like the weather that can change anytime. Only God is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and even forever but humans ain’t.

    don’t let someone else dictate your happiness, I allowed that happened to me once and I lost years I couldn’t get back which I wont want you to have also.
    Be yourself, free yourself, be proud of who you are, forgive freely and expect nothing from anyone. Be sure of what you stand for and careful what you fall for.
    You are in charge of your happiness, you dictate the kind of expression you show to a thing or a situation

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    1. Urvi, remember the first time we met? remember the challenge you gave me? the post I wrote? If you can read between the lines, you will know that I love you. Not that I have seen you before nor hear your voice but our communications has showed me you’re one with a good and happy spirit. Pls, don’t play down on it and dont be who you do not want to be. I love you Urvi.

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