Broken Promises


I rolled my eyes up and realized that those stars were sincerer than us, humans.We have unstable minds. We know how to make promises. But as life moves on, people leave,totally forgetting about the promises they once swore about. For us its just ‘breaking promises’. But stop for a moment.Think about those who had already dreamt of a perfect life,based on our promises. And now that we are breaking those, we are simply slaying their innocence.
Oh I wish, this hellish life would turn into heaven only of we’d stand by our promises.
Take Care.❤


3 thoughts on “Broken Promises

  1. Well written Urvi
    This is so true. We feel its just a broken promise forgetting that someone might have built their world around that promise.
    The world will truly be a better place if we all fulfill our promises.

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